Project Submission

For Class 5 - 10 students who created projects using Scratch or App Inventor: 


Please submit the following files in a ZIP folder:

  • Project File:

    • For Scratch projects, submit a .sb2 or .sb3 file

    • For App Inventor projects, submit a .AIA file

  • Document explaining the Project:

    • For Scratch projects, the document is not compulsory

    • For App Inventor projects, submit a document with the following details (Max length: 4 pages, you can include images):

      • Problem statement and description of the project

      • What are the different components and extensions you made use of? 

      • Briefly explain the features on each "Screen" of the project  

  • Video demo: The video demo is not compulsory for both App Inventor and Scratch projects

For Class 9 - 12 students who created Machine Learning projects using Cloud AutoML: 

Please submit the following files in a ZIP folder:

  • Document: A document capturing the following points (Max length - 4 pages):

    • What is the problem that you are trying to solve? 

    • Why did you choose this problem? 

    • How does your machine learning application help solve this problem? 

    • What data did you use while building this project? 

    • How did you collect this data? 

    • How many data points did you use to train and test your model respectively?

    • Attach a clear screenshot with visible precision and recall scores from the Evaluate tab

  • Screencast: Record a screencast (recording of your screen while using) capturing the following details:

    • AutoML screen with all tabs including Data, Train, Evaluate and Test

    • A minimum of 10 new data points for testing representative of all your labels. Note: Testing requires different data from training. In no case, should you use the training data for testing


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