Judging and Prizes

Class Groups:


The contest is open to students in classes 5 to 12 enrolled at any school in India. Parents, teachers or legal guardians can register on behalf of the student and submit their project. The students will compete in five class groups:

  • Classes 5 & 6 (Scratch and App Inventor)

  • Classes 7 & 8 (Scratch and App Inventor) 

  • Classes 9 & 10 (Scratch and App Inventor)

  • Classes 9 & 10 (Google Cloud AutoML)

  • Classes 11 & 12 (Google Cloud AutoML)  


Note: Employees, interns, contractors, and official office-holders, as well as their immediate families, of Google, its affiliates, and any representatives or agencies of Google or other persons professionally connected with the contest are not eligible to participate.


Judging process


  • A panel of judges will select 10 finalists from each class group

  • All the 10 finalists from each class group will go through a second round of judging to select upto 5 winners from each class group

  • The winners and finalists will be announced on this website

  • The winners will be in no particular order. All of them will receive the same prize and certificate


Judging criteria for Scratch and App Inventor:


  • Originality - a unique and novel idea of the project

  • Application of Computer Science concepts - number of different concepts applied and their relevance to the project idea. Standard concepts include Variables, Looping, Conditional execution, Input and Output

  • Complexity of the project - as measured using standard techniques for analysis of algorithms

  • Adherence to the Contest Requirements and Rules

Judging criteria for Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning :


  • Originality - a unique and novel idea of the project

  • Application of Data - collection, labelling of data and use of data for training and testing

  • Complexity of the project  

  • Application of project in real-life use cases

  • Adherence to Contest Requirements and these Rules



  • The winners will get a certificate of achievement and a Chromebook laptop or an equivalent gift

  • All the finalists will get a certificate of achievement